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Links List in Health & Medicine/Alternative Medicine

Sergey Kalitenko MD | Holistic Doctor in NYC Long Island | Bioidentical Hormones Doctor


Dr.Sergey Kalitenko has been helping patients throughout a distinguished career, first as an emergency care physician and then as a head of Hyperbaric Department at highly respected Ukrainian hospitals and in the U.S. teaching hospital.

Kerala Ayurveda Treatments at Nilayoram Resort


Nilayoram Resorts & Ayurvedic centre, the “Green Leaf” certified Ayurveda Health Resort placed at the cultural capital Trissur, stands as a rendezvous for bliss and sanity. Our serene, natural and pollution free environment acts as extra tonics that boosts up your overall health. Situated at the banks of the holy river Bharathapuzha (Nila), we offer you with diverse Ayurveda treatments that encompass Yoga/meditation, Panchakarma and other rejuvenation therapies. We are also endowed with the masterful teaching lessons that will give you a genuine experience of what yoga is all about. If we you want to live with a balanced, healthy and successful life that entails harmony between mind, body and spirit, do visit us at http://www.ayurvedakerala.biz and avail the diverse Ayurveda Treatments offered here.

Знахарь.ру - портал о лекарственных травах, известных фитотерапевтах


Знахарь.ру - информация о лекарственных травах. Обволакивающие растительные средства, прополис и его применение. Лечебное применение белладонны, девясила, родиолы.

Home Homeopathy


As compared to allopathic medicines which are made to cure the reaction and not the cause however home homeopathy is a certain field of medicine meant to cure the root of the problem and homeopathic medication provided at homeopathyatoz.com is permanent.

Maeng Da Kratom


Get Kratom provides the great collection of kratom supplements, including Maeng Da kratom, powdered Thai kratom, Bali kratom, Indo kratom, super green Malaysian kratom, etc. at affordable prices. Contact us now for a quick response.

the coaching institute, spiritual coaching


Inspired Spirit Coaching Certification Offers the Most Comprehensive Life Coaching Training, Spiritual and Business Success Secrets in ONE Program.

Los Angeles chiropractor


Combining the unique blend of doctor’s office and nature care, Rest and Relax Bodyworks offers all types of special massage, chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. So experience the exuberance amidst the warm and nurturing ambience.

Colon Cleansing Products


Colon cleansing products are not something to be worried about. The colon cleanse has been a part of mans experience since the times of ancient Greece.

colon cleansing


The Almighty cleanse, refreshes the bowels and restores digestive function and nutrition absorbtion. - almighty cleanse

Skin Care Products Reviews Skin Care Treatment Tips Skin Care Acne Solutions


Skin care information on which skin care products are best? skin care reviews, tips for skin care, researched skin care articles for skin care

Holistic Cure


Holistic cure techniques of acupressure can help to treat affected pet better and can result faster recovery. Contact animalacupressure.com today to learn the techniques with easy designed training schedules that suit both the experienced and the novice.

Clear Aura


Clear aura – know about your unseen energy blockages. Identify and remove those using techniques that absolve auric attachments on all 15 levels of awareness. Adopt auric clearing process easily with the instructions of dnaperfection.com.

Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis


Homeopathic treatment of psoriasis from zell-arazim.com is the easiest and safest approach to get cured earlier. The process of treatment does not entail any limitations and designed to give you a side-effect-free remedy.

Elta md


Elta MD offers the best in skin care and skin damage protection. Formerly known as Elta Gold, their products can be found at iDerma.com.

EMR System


e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.e-MDs is a highly secure EMR system.

Stem Cell Transplants in India


Stem cells transplants by experienced and renowned stem cell transplant specialists from around the world.

Luxe Vivant - Mind & Body Store


Unique and innovative products for mind & body and natural self improvement. Discover biofeedback & mind machines, CDs and DVDs, books for yoga, meditation, and more.



Informations and resources on Acupuncture.

Nicola James


Counsellor specialising in spiritual healing, emotional freedom technique and coaching in Glasgow.

Green Tea


Chinese green tea. Includes health benefits and nutritional information.

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