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Links List in Health & Medicine/Senior Health

Alzheimers File


Alzheimers File contains Alzheimers victims vital info, Picture and description for 911 access.

Action for Healthy Aging and Elderly Care


The Novartis Foundation for Gerontological Research. Areas of interest to physicians and researchers, other healthcare professionals, and patients. Weekly news updates from Reuter's Health Information. Patient area topics include impaired mobility and nutrition. The Ask the Expert forum is free to view, but does require registration if you wish to participate.

Staying Healthy at 50+


AHRQ consumer information on ways people age 50 and older can stay healthy, tips on living habits, to help prevent disease, screening tests, and immunizations.

Arthritis treatment with Inula viscoa extract


Arthritis treatment with Inula viscosa extract clinically tested high efficacy in reduction of inflammation pain swelling and stiffness, increase in range of motion, topical application. Clinically tested high efficacy Athlete foot treatment, anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging Inula viscosa skin care products



free common sense advice concerning senior health, diabetes, arthritis, heart and circulation health, with a little humor thrown in to make life a little better.

Palliative Care for Elderly - Fedelta Homecare


Seattle senior citizen care resource management center - Fedelta Home Care specializing in long term palliative care for elderly seniors with alzheimers disease.

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