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CVN Kalari Nadakkavu is a traditional Kalaripayattu school which is situated at Kozhikode/Calicut in Kerala. The institution offers ayurvedic treatment, kalaripayattu massage,marma healing,marma treatment,dance choreography, action choreography, training,workshops and seminars on kalaripayattu,holiday Kalaripayattu packages and short term and long term Kalaripayattu courses. For more information visit : http://www.cvnkalari.com/

Online scrapbook supply - embellishments


Buy scrapbook flowers and torn arts for your scrapbooking projects. Offering various embellishments with low prices.

Indian Handicrafts


Manufacturer and exporter of indian handicrafts, handicrafted gifts, metal handicrafts, glass handicrafts, brass artifacts, stained glass paintings, fashion jewelry, textiles and carved sculptures.

Art Glass from Vancouver glass


Vancouver company offers glass etching, glass awards, corporate gifts and trophies. EtchCraft Creative Glass takes pride in bringing you imaginative new designs in awards and glass art.

Free Quilt Ideas


Looking for free quilt patterns or ideas for your own quilt patterns? Check out our Free Quilt Patterns, Quilt Block Patterns, free baby quilt patterns and much more.

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